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Sunny Wang

A childhood dream is becoming a reality

For many international students, the transition to an American college can be challenging, and the environment so very different from home that some decide staying in the States just isn’t for them.  That’s not the case for Ho Yip Wang of Hong Kong.

Ho Yip, or “Sunny” as he prefers to be called, attended a high school in Massachusetts and then decided to look at colleges in the States as well.  He came to Penn State Greater Allegheny in the fall of 2008 with dreams of receiving an education in American finance. The University’s “Two plus Two” program was attractive to Sunny so that he could experience both a smaller, closer-knit campus, as well as two years at the internationally known Penn State campus in University Park.

“Greater Allegheny is a small campus compared to University Park and some of the other Penn State campuses,” he said.  “I think it is a good campus to start off with for college because it is easier to make friends in a smaller campus than a big campus. People tend to be closer in a small campus.”

And so far Sunny has done what he’s set out to do in college.  He is pursuing a finance major and has made a number of friends.  One of his favorite locations on campus is the residence hall where most of his friends can be found hanging out together.

“My father worked in finance and so I chose this major under my dad’s influence,” he said.  “Since he is a businessman, I was exposed to different business activities. I decided I wanted to be a business major since I was a child. After I came to Greater Allegheny, I have taken different business classes such as business administration, economics, accounting and others. I figured out that I am interested in finance among all the other business majors.”