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Ensuring access and opportunity: Student scholarships

Ensuring access to qualified students is the number one priority at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Increasing our scholarship endowment is vital if the campus is to remain an affordable option for families, as well as keeping the campus competitive with other higher education institutions.

The average family income of students attending the campus is significantly lower than the average family income of those attending University Park campus, and the rising cost of tuition has had a major impact on our students and families. Last year, 87 percent of our students receive some form of student aid, most of it in the form of federal student and parent loans.  There are many students enrolled at the campus who are deserving of scholarship support, yet no funds are available. Worse, there are students who are not enrolled at Penn State or who are forced to leave the University because of their inability to fund their education.

Individuals interested in learning more about scholarships, including the Trustee Scholarship Program, should contact Arlene Fath at 412-675-9048.

We are sincerely grateful to the individuals and organizations who have established scholarship endowments at the campus. The campus' scholarship endowment is now valued at about $3 million. Each year, interest from the scholarship funds is used to support students studying at the campus. 

Scholarships and endowments at Penn State Greater Allegheny

Cynthia A. and Arthur L. Baldwin McKeesport Scholarship

Ruth L. Baxter Memorial Renaissance Scholarship

The Wallace and Zelda Bland and Kemp Family Trustee Scholarship

John W. Beatty Memorial Scholarship

The Beazer East, Inc. McKeesport Endowed Scholarship

Bell Atlantic Endowed Scholarship in Science, Engineering, and Technology

Alan and Dorothy Bober Scholarship

Suzy and Jim Broadhurst Trustee Scholarship

JoAnne E. Burley Leadership Scholarship

E. R. Crawford Trust Fund Scholarship

Duquesne Light Company - Milton F. Frable Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Fort Pitt Capital Trustee Scholarship at Penn State Penn State Greater Allegheny 

Heritage Center Endowed Scholarship

Bruce A. Heyworth and Andrew J. Traina Athletics Memorial Award

A. C. Jordan Endowed Scholarship

Junior Order United American Mechanics McKeesport Council 109 Endowed Scholarship

Kalich Family Endowed Student Government Leadership Award

The Dr. Patricia A. Klemans Endowed Memorial Scholarship

David and Victoria Knopp Scholarship

The Latterman Endowed Scholarship

Eugene and Dorothy Lynch Memorial Scholarship

Walter E., Sr., and Helen C. Manns Endowed Scholarship

Thomas D. Mansfield Family Endowed Scholarship

Thomas D. Mansfield Memorial Scholarship

Minarik Family Trustee Scholarship

G. C. Murphy Company Foundation Scholarship

John and Jean Neel Family Scholarship

Frank E. Neish Endowed Scholarship

Victor J. and Joan M. Orler Trustee Scholarship

Penn State Alumni Association Trustee Scholarship

Penn State Greater Allegheny Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

Penn State Greater Allegheny Alumni Society Scholarship

Penn State Greater Allegheny Endowed Scholarship

Penn State Greater Allegheny General Scholarship

Charles F. Peters Foundation Endowed Scholarship

M. B. Peterson Charitable Trust Scholarship

PNC Financial Corporation Endowed Scholarship at Penn State Greater Allegheny

Huntington Bank Endowed Scholarship

Edward Sichi, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. James South Scholarship

The Andrew J. Traina Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Andrew J. Traina and Bruce A. Heyworth Endowed Scholarship

Allan and Mary Ellen Wampler Scholarship

Gilbert A. Wetzel, McKeesport Campus Endowed Scholarship

Charles Virts Memorial Scholarship

Restricted Scholarship Funds

Penn State Greater Allegheny Scholarship Fund

Nicholas J. Skezas Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Professorship

Mark R. Gruskin Professorship in Information Sciences and Technology*


* Endowment in progress