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Health in the Interconnected World by Dr. Yaqin Xia

Dr. Yaqin Xia
4/9/2014 —

"Health in the Interconnected World" presented by Dr. Yaqin Xia on Thursday, April 17th at Noon in the Ostermayer Room, SCC.

Introduction to global health by discussing health issues within and transcending borders, comparing eastern and western style medicine, health concepts, and disease patterns; describing international partnerships with mutual capacity building as well as the future development of global health.

Dr. Xia, Yaqin is a family physician and assistant professor at the Department of Family Medicine (FM), University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM) and UPMC. She has been involved in training general practitioners in China and family physicians in Japan, and is currently involved in research projects to improve the nutritional status of infants and children and the quality of village doctors in rural underserved areas in Shanxi, China.

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