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Class of 2008, Corporate Communications

Dion Harris

When Dion Harris toured the campus at Penn State Greater Allegheny in the middle of summer, he made a quick decision to start his college career here. He thought it would be a perfect fit for him to study at a campus that was nestled near a park and close to the city of Pittsburgh, and after two years, complete his degree at Penn State's University Park campus.

What Dion didn’t expect was that his plans would change once he discovered how much of a fit the campus was for him. After his firs two years, Dion Harris from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania decided to stay at Penn State Greater Allegheny and complete his bachelor degree in corporate communications.

“I’ve made some of the most incredible friendships here and have had such a positive experience both in the classroom and in the residence hall, that I can’t ever imagine leaving to finish my degree anywhere else other than Penn State Greater Allegheny,” says Dion.

In his last two years, Dion was a Resident Assistant in the residence hall on campus where he provided support for individual students with personal concerns. He also offered roommate mediation assistance and shared referral information with students. Dion was a peer leader on campus and mentored and coached many of the students that he calls his friends. He was also re elected as vice president of the Student Government Association.

Perfect classes, perfect friendships, perfect location...all this added up to Penn State Greater Allegheny being the perfect fit for Dion Harris.