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All students at Penn State are governed by the same policies and rules, identified below. Penn State also endorses and promotes the Penn State Principles, in which "members of the community contribute to the traditions and scholarly heritage left by those who preceded them and promise to leave Penn State a better place for those who follow."

Academic Policies

The official Undergraduate Degree Program Bulletins are available in their entirety online for both baccalaureate and associate degrees.
Both bulletins include links to all undergraduate course descriptions and information on general education requirements.

An alphabetical listing of all University Faculty Senate policies for students can be found at: www.psu.edu/ufs/policies.
The following are direct links to some of the most frequently asked academic questions:
Class Attendance
Deferred Grades
Entrance to or Change of Major
Final Examinations
Repeating Courses

Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity, and Judicial Procedures

Code of Conduct - Describes those "behaviors that are inconsistent with the essential values of the University community."
Academic Integrity - Expectations and procedures when violations are suspected
Computer and Network Security - Proper use of the University computer systems
Off-Campus Misconduct Policy - When off-campus behavior warrants University action
Procedures for the Discipline System - What happens when a student is accused of a conduct violation

Please stop by Student Services (Student Community Center, 412-675-9163) or Academic Afffairs (Frable 104 or 412-675-9140) if you have difficulty accessing this information or if you would like a printed copy of any of the policies.


Campus contacts: Student policies

Academic policies

Dr. Margaret L. Signorella
Director of Academic Affairs

Judicial policies

Glenn Beech
Director of Student Affairs

Student services policies

Glenn Beech
Director of Student Affairs