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It's who you know.  Get connected.

What is Networking?

  • Networking involves developing professional relationships. It takes time to establish and build such relationships, therefore it is advisable to begin building your professional network as soon as possible.
  • Networking is about information sharing.  The object of networking is NOT to ask for a job, but rather to identify people who have the type of information you seek - or people who may know others who have the type of information you seek.  Avoid cold calling - try to gain introductions through current connections.
  • It's not just who you know, but who knows you.  Consider all of the people you know and work with or visit on a regular basis.  Do not rely solely on new connections - think about those who know you already (your hair stylist or neighbors, former co-workers, classmates or teachers)
  • Return the favor.  Your networking contacts are helping you by providing information relevant to your needs.  If you seek information from a networking contact, be prepared to reciprocate.

Networking Resources

LionLink: A Professional Networking Program

Expand your network of professional contacts through Penn State's LionLink networking program. Use this database to identify and connect with Penn State alumni by industry, company name, profession, or geographic location.

Alumni Associations

Professional Associations

Thousands of professional associations exist for various career and industry areas.  Organization websites typically provide access to industry related research and articles, job postings, graduate school information, and upcoming events or other opportunities to network with members.  Conducting an internet search or making use of a directory can help you to narrow down your options. 

Additional Networking Sources

  • Clubs, Hobbies, or Spiritual Affiliations (gym/fitness center, dance class, church, etc.)
  • Friends, Family, Social Gatherings (parties, family functions, football games, etc.)
  • Business Section of Local Newspaper - upcoming networking events, happy hours, etc.
  • Former classmates, co-workers, supervisors, professors, etc.