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The nature of the job market is competitive and most employers seek candidates with experience. In order for students to be best prepared for post-graduate employment, Career Services recommends that all students complete at least one internship experience.

Schedule an appointment with Career Services to have your resume, cover letter, and application materials reviewed by our office.  Learn how to locate internship opportunities and what employer expectations may be in a professional setting.  Start your internship search process at least one semester prior to when you anticipate completing the experience.  Keep in mind that many employers only recruit and hire for their summer internships during the previous fall semester - plan ahead to ensure that you do not miss out on great internship opportunities! 

Four-year degree programs requiring an internship:

 At Penn State Greater Allegheny, several programs require academic internships as part of the degree requirements.  Consult with the faculty internship coordinator regarding the process for completion of an academic internship for your respective program.



 Information Sciences and Technology (IST)