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Angel Course Management System - http://angel.psu.edu/
Many professors will make course material available on Angel, such as Powerpoint presentations, handouts, etc. Also, many professors will place homework assignments and quizzes on Angel, and allow these assignments to be submitted online. This is also where most online-only courses are held.

Email - http://webmail.psu.edu/
Web based interface for checking your Penn State email.

eLion - https://elion.psu.edu/ 
Schedule courses, update your address information, check your Bursar account (billing / balance), view semester grades, and much more.

Personal Web Server - http://sites.psu.edu/
Sites at Penn State gives students, faculty and staff the ability to create websites and blogs quickly and easily.

Use Software Onlinehttps://webapps.psu.edu
Use software such as (ArcGis, Mathematica, MATLAB, Microsoft Office and SolidWorks) in a virtual environment online.  

Online Storage - http://box.psu.edu
50GB of free online storage for all Penn State students, faculty and staff.  Connect using your PSU username and password on all of your favorite devices and online.

Software Downloads - https://downloads.its.psu.edu/
Downloads for various software, including the Cisco VPN Client, email clients, file transfer utilities, calendaring software, etc.

Software Store - http://software.psu.edu

Find some good deals on discounted computer hardware, software, and services from the Penn State Computer Store.

Carroll - http://carroll.cac.psu.edu/
Penn State's open source download mirror where you can download things such as Linux ISOs, Openoffice, etc.

Directory - http://www.psu.edu/ph
A full directory of all Penn State students, faculty, and staff. This site allows you to search for people using either their user ID, name, or email address.

Information Technology Services (ITS) Alerts Page -

Notifications of past, current, and future ITS alerts, such as outages to services such as Angel, network connectivity, and various other services can be found here.

Information Technology Services (ITS) Secure Server - https://www.work.psu.edu/
Change your Penn State password, set up an email forwarding address for all of your Penn State email to be forwarded to, update your directory entry, and check your space quotas on your personal web space

Information Technology Services (ITS) Systems Status - http://status.cac.psu.edu/statpage/status.html
If you're having problems sending or receiving email or accessing certain websites, this is a good place to check first to see if it might be a university-wide issue.

Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) - http://towncrier.ga.psu.edu/msdnaa/index.php
Download various Microsoft products, ranging from Windows operating systems to several components of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Penn State Portal - https://portal.psu.edu/
Collect and personalize your favorite University and Internet content in one place, as well as access your University webspace via the PASS Explorer.

View the contents of your mailbox on the ASET POP (Post Office Protocol) server. You can retrieve a list of messages and their size, view header information on selected messages, and delete messages without having to download them to your local system.